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Employers: About 7SolutionsUSA

 We are a focused candidate recruiting resource with on-site hiring and recruit experience as an HR professional in numerous job types and industries. All of our clients come to us because we understand your job function. With senior HR experience in several fortune 500 organizations, we know it is paramount to have the tools to address long-term employment cost objectives and to be more competitive with similar employers in your business. This experience includes hands-on talent acquisition, behavior-based interviews, behavior-based team-building, and talent retention experience.

Our recruiting services can provide assistance with permanent placement and contract workforce options, utilizing our nationwide multiple web sites recruiting resources.

  • We utilize tools and expertise that most other recruiters do not have.
  • We provide the client with the Performance Based Talent Acquisition profile targeting with best practices of identifying all the skills and expertise to fill your position.
  • The Evaluative Behavior-based Interview is our resource to provide clients with detailed information regarding a candidate of interest.

Both tools have provided us and our clients with best value hires and target 0% turnover.

  • Do you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do a job; the price goes up when you hire an amateur!!!
  • No one has a recipe for never being unemployed!

We conduct business on strong ethical principles welcoming clients who subscribe to the practices of partnering, teamwork, and communication in order to utilize our combined knowledge of HR, recruiting, and staffing.

Candidates: About 7SolutionsUSA

7SolutionsUSA is a search firm representing job openings in virtually every industry and job function across the country. Visit our website,, where we combine in job board format the efforts of several thousand recruiters throughout the US.

Our Mission: To connect top talent with recruiters across the USA in a broad spectrum of industries and position types, utilizing our family of top job web sites such as,,,,, and


We represent thousands of job openings in the following specialties:

Accounting, biotech, business development, construction, engineering, executive, finance, healthcare, human resources, insurance, information technology, IT, management, manufacturing, marketing, nursing, pharmaceutical, pharmacy, project manager, purchasing/procurement, quality assurance, quality control, research, retail, sales, six sigma, supply chain, and medical.